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  • Jason Hesley

EXDESTRIER Release New Song "The King & The Void"

Blackened sludge band EXDESTRIER are now streaming "The King & The Void" on all streaming platforms. The song is from their upcoming album Glorious Barbarism which is out on April 8, 2023.

The creative process behind the EP involved a journey of discovery into what EXDESTRIER's sound should be. Each member draws from a different musical background ranging from doom, to extreme metal and punk / hardcore. Together a common ground was found in progressive structures and combining elements of predominantly black metal and sludge. The band's lyrical themes emerge from dark fantasy realms - tales of medieval landscapes, gruesome warriors and a looming gloom. From "To Glorious Oblivion" about terrible warriors charging into certain death and exulting in their demise, to "The Place of Grim Reckoning" - the aftermath of a forgotten war, frozen in ice, EXDESTRIER produce dark and heavy soundscapes.

Pounding percussion, powerful rhythms and technical riffs manifest an ominous mood across the tracks on Glorious Barbarism. The band showcase a distinctive style concocted from an array of genres which is enhanced with their own thematic twist.

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