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  • Jason Hesley

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE REQUEST: Symphonic melodeath band EXIST IN RUIN set to release video for ‘RUBICON,’ ft. CHRIS CLANCY!

Symphonic melodic death metal band EXIST IN RUIN releases lyric video for their new single, ‘RUBICON.’   Once again, lead musician Teren has recruited top tier talent to help bring his unique vision to life, including vocalist Chris Clancy (MUTINY WITHIN, THE MONARCH).  Joining him is João Miguel (Enblood, Nephilim) on guitar and Pyramaze’s Jonah Weingarten on symphonics. 

EXIST IN RUIN, based in the Pacific Northwest, is the project of musician Teren and released their debut self-titled EP in 2022, featuring many notable musicians. Teren writes all the guitars, lyrics, vocal patterns and programs the drums.  To complete his dark musical visions, Teren recruits additional talent from around the globe with the goal to continue evolving, both musically and lyrically. 

‘RUBICON’ is a death metal song at its core but surrounded by lush symphonic textures.  The production and mixing provide room for the powerful rhythm section to breathe while the guitars combine meaty riffs with melodic tapestries. Chris Clancy’s extreme but expressive vocals cap it all off to create a searing and catchy blast of metal.

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