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  • Jason Hesley

Exclusive pre-listening of the new MORBONOCT album (cosmic black metal)!

Morbonoct, as a studio project, started in 2021, with the release of the debut album Anmet. The line-up includes Alexander Medvedev, who is responsible for all the instruments. In mid-2023, new vocalist David Welnicki joined the project. The main idea of the project was the space theme, which is also reflected in the sound and accompaniment of dense atmospheric canvases in the background.


Alexander comments: "The idea of the album is to find a balance between light and dark sound. Since initially the main theme was space and everything connected with it, it was decided to touch not only the dark sides of this phenomenon. This time it was decided not to use any progressive elements. The result was a more spatial sound, with a massive background of otherworldly sounds. Otherwise on the new album I used a different approach only when recording synthesizers. They were composed and recorded exclusively on trips to nature, to the shores of the Baltic."


Music for new album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexander Medvedev. Cover artwork was done by Svitlana Medvedieva. New album titled "The Highest Purpose" will be released digitally on February 19, 2024.

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