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  • Jason Hesley

EXA to release Left in Shards!

German thrash metal powerhouse EXA is set to shake the foundations of the thrash metal scene with the highly anticipated release of their second studio album, ‘Left in Shards’. This sonic onslaught is poised to catapult the band to new heights, solidifying their reputation as one of the genre's most formidable newcomer acts. 

With a raw and unrelenting energy that defines their signature sound, EXA has meticulously crafted ‘Left in Shards’ to deliver an amazing experience for metal enthusiasts worldwide. Known for their blistering riffs, relentless drums, and aggressive vocals, the band continues to evolve their sound while staying true to the roots that have earned them a dedicated fan base worldwide.

‘Left in Shards’ explores themes ranging from societal discord to personal introspection, creating a narrative that is both powerful and resonant. The album showcases EXA's musical prowess and maturity, weaving a tapestry of aggression and melody that is bound to captivate listeners from start to finish.


01. Return to Madness

02. Under his Eye

03. Dead Child Eyes

04. Hire to Fire

05. Mind Free

06. Left in Shards

07. Witch Hunt

08. Cease to Exist

09. Circadian

10. King Terror

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