• Jason Hesley

EVISORAX: UK grinders to release new album "Ascension Catalyst"

UK grinders EVISORAX have just announced the vinyl issue of their boundary-crushing 2020 album "Ascension Catalyst" on 7 Degrees Records. The record will be officially available on white/black splattered vinyl on December 11th.

Heavily-trafficked portal Metal Injection premiered the album in full at THIS LOCATION. "Ascension Catalyst" distils the devastating impact of razor-sharp grindcore, the punishing attack of sludge metal and the unsettling ambient discord of harsh noise into a single weighty slab of wax, featuring distinctive artwork from Soulsdue that compliments its concept perfectly.

"Ascension Catalyst" saw EVISORAX founder Dan Lynch and long-time skin-beater Simon Brotherton (Ex-Narcosis/ Ergon Carousel) joined by the drummer’s former band mates John White on vocals and Oliver Turner on bass. John temporarily laid his axe aside to lay down some intensely tortured vocals and contrastingly enlightening lyrics that form a transcendental journey that the album hangs its concept on. Underpinning and enriching it all is Oliver’s punishing yet hypnotic bass work, which adds a whole new dimension to the EVISORAX sound. Tracklist: 1. Gayatri 2. Midnight Is for Regrets 3. Hyperphysical Hyperarchy 4. The Sun Behind the Sun 5. Terrible Viper 6. Ascension Catalyst 7. Harsh Reality 8. She-Mule 9. Vasuki 10. Magi Ultimogeniture 11. Giving It Teeth 12. Draw the Line 13. Lucent Antecessor 14. Fall into Satori 15. Irkalla

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