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  • Jason Hesley

Every Hour Kills' “Vacua” Is a Harsh Reflection On A Year Of Chaos And Turmoil!

Calgary’s Every Hour Kills is a musical experiment that challenges what defines a band. Rather, the group sees itself as a constantly evolving musical collective; guest vocalists and soloists across the songs bring their own unique artistry and elevate the collective impact of Every Hour Kills’ brand. The latest from them is the upcoming EP “Vacua” and the next single is the title track.

“Vacua” was the first song written for the EP and features low-tuned riffs and nihilistic vocals. These vocals are provided by newcomer to the group - Jei Doublerice who brings more force into the trademark sound. The band explains further:

“This single sets things off in a new, heavier direction. Different tuning, different time signatures and chord progressions, and different vibes overall led to seeking out a new vocalist which would eventually enlist Jei. Clean vocals just didn’t seem to fit, although Jerrod does make an appearance in the chorus, the vocals are very processed and robotic vs. the melodic singing we’d been known for previously.”

This EP is the fourth from Every Hour Kills following “Every Hour Kills” (2015); “Fragile Machine” (2018); and “Re:awaken” (2020). It was produced, mixed and mastered by guitarist Alan Sacha Laskow and the album art was done by Erisis Red.

Modern and dark, Every Hour Kills keeps the melody and progressive riffs but mirrors the past year with a generous dose of heavy. This honest display of emotions is recommended for fans of Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, and Periphery. The visualizer for “Vacua” can be heard via its premiere on NewFuryMedia HERE.

“Vacua” is expected out October 8th, 2021.

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