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  • Jason Hesley

Every Hour Kills Present Their Heaviest And Most Aggressive Track To Date The Immense “Intransigent”

Calgary, Canada’s Every Hour Kills have a new single “Intransigent” off their upcoming EP “Vacua".

This will be the fourth EP from the band and it shows definitive evolution being five of the heaviest tracks the group has ever written. They have almost done away with clean vocals in favour of deep growling provided by newcomer Jei Doublerice, and downplay the synth bits and cranking the riffs to 11. This new phase fits Every Hour Kills’ motive of being “a constantly evolving musical collective; guest vocalists and soloists across the songs bring their own unique artistry and elevate the collective impact of Every Hour Kills’ brand”.

Guitarist Sacha Laskow continues to explain the single:

“This song was co-written with Calle Thommer (Vildjharta, Humanity’s Last Breath), and is probably the heaviest thing I’ve ever written. He helped shape things in a more down-tempo direction, while I added in the synth layers and more melodic aspects, as well as the breakdown based on where his ideas were taking me. Jei came in and absolutely crushed it with one of the most intense vocal performances on the record.”

Chosen to close out the EP, “Intransigent” as the most intense track finalizes this step in Every Hour Kills' growth to a heavier version of their former selves. The lyrics encompass the concepts of chaos and infinity and while it still retains the djenty progressive vibes of modern metal, it begins pushing the envelope with a wider range of sounds, influences and emotions.

The dark cinematic juxtaposing angular heaviness with soaring melody of “Intransigent” is recommended for fans of Periphery, Vildhjarta, and Spiritbox

“Vacua” is expected out October 8th, 2021.

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