• Jason Hesley

Everture to release "Emerge" this March!

Sometimes great hardships evoke beautiful things. Concerning this album it applies to both creating the music and actually producing the songs. While our previous single releases ’Rightly Accused’ and ’Long Way Down’ were being recorded in early 2019, the idea of creating something bigger came up. The time was right. By the summer we had gathered the best and most co-fitting songs and in September we were already in the pre production phase. Soon after that the drums were already on tape. Things looked very good... Emerge starts off big time as all good albums do! The songs ’In Between’ and ’For Tomorrow’ get your mood up immediately with their cool intensity and melodic phrasings. They view life as something to be respected and feared. ’Undersky’ is a big one, a perfect song to be played at stadiums. It tells a story of clinging onto hope under oppressive powers.

Then we turn it to eleven with ’The River Flows’, the unheard side of Everture until now. It is a furiously raging, dark metalcore beast that still has quite a beautiful melodic side to it. As a good continuation, we get ’Promises’, the compassionate ”ballad” of depression, a combobreaker and the ending of the ”A side” of the album. ...Recording the bass came and went easily enough but when the turn for the guitars came, trouble began. Our schedules started to strecth more and more because of various factors. The time of long winter and despair had come. We had to rely on our nonexistent patience and make the ends meet. We got lead vocals done quite succesfully considering the circumstances but some guitars had to be rescheduled to February and the very last of them had to wait until the summer 2020. We recorded all of the vocal harmonies in our singers Jere Kuokkanens home, mostly in February. We also had some trouble regarding the mixing; we had to test at least four different options during spring/summer 2020 before finding the service provider that fitted to our needs... The darker ”B side” of Emerge starts a bit more politically in a metal way. ’Ivory Tower’ addresses peoples way of having blinkers on their eyes and chasing things they don’t really need or even want whilst losing all they have. ’The Unfortunate End’ is the wild one with highest tempo on the album. This song includes aggressive drumming and Göteborg styled riffs. Oh, and the catchiest chorus ever. Then we get to the nighty mood parts of the album. Fittingly enough ’White Lies, Black Skies’ was written during a long nightshift which gives this song its dark doomy feel. The song has some of the most well written vocals in Evertures catalog dealing with moral self reflection.

Before dawn we dwell deep in ’My 52 Shades’, the gloomy and a bit Twin Peaksy, yet incredibly beautiful song. It’s about all the worries that haunt you. In addition to the touching vocals and guitar solos the song really takes off with furious cathartic riff sections.

The closing track ’Closure’ is the perfect wrapping for the journey soon ending. The song is definetly brings light of dawn along and the mood for a party. It’s the understanding things in the end of events and internal struggles. It’s all about the beauty born among hardships. About the fact that one must do their best to keep good things alive and accept that nothing will ever be perfect. Having understood that, we have grown and emerged. now having spent countless hours of time and quite a bit of money on this thing. We must ask ourselves: ”Was it worth it?”. I would say it totally was! The struggles and despair gives personality and feel to this album also from the point of the listener. This is what in given time have been able to do and we are proud of it. Emerge album is set to be released on March 19th 2021 via Inverse Records.

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