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  • Jason Hesley

Etoile Filante release "Mare Tranquillitatis"

"Mare Tranquillitatis" embodies Etoile Filante's exploration of cosmic mysteries and the eternal quest, akin to searching for a celestial Atlantis. This album is a voyage through Neptunian depths, where resilience is the beacon of hope in an endless odyssey towards the unknown. With a sound grounded in ambient black metal, the band invites listeners to join their ethereal journey through the stars, seeking answers to profound existential questions.


Etoile Filante was born around 2014 as a will to express our fascination for the mysteries beyond the sky and as an interpretation of what could possibly be behind the concepts of fate or eternity.

The EP «Traité sur le Monde et la Lumière», recorded in 2014, was the first attempt to express it.

Only a year after that, Etoile Filante was joined by Phobos and Einsiedler. During 5 years, we forged our views and will in order to accomplish our first alchemical work, our «Magnum Opus Caelestis», released by Northern Silence Productions in 2020. Since then, we never stopped to look at the stars, trying to find in them the answer of this spiritual journey. That’s when the idea behind «Mare Tranquillitatis» was born. Will this journey ever end? Does an end even exist? Are we travelling into the void like fools looking desperately for Atlantis?

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