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ETERNAL DRAK Delve Into Dark History In The Black Metal Single “Haunting Place” Off Upcoming Album “Imprisoned Souls” Out July 2024!

Founded in 1997 by the Martínez brothers, Drakar and Warhammer, Eternal Drak has carved a path of sonic innovation and artistic evolution. They have released six turbulent albums thus far and have a seventh “Imprisoned Souls”, which makes its debut on July 17, 2024. The second single from this concept album is “Haunting Place”, which continues the historical story that the album tells. The band comments on the single:

“Although for many groove and black metal cannot go together, we believe that this is not true, and trying to attract the right audience we decided to release this song as the second single, a song in which the rhythm of the drums is the king and the Voices and guitars only accompany it, giving it melody and a black metal touch.”

“Imprisoned Souls” is a catchy track with very groovy drums and a touch of thrash. The song describes the place where the vast majority of the anecdotes occur, a 19th-century house where many beings were trapped and the living were tormented.

With this release, Eternal Drak wants those who are already followers of the band to continue and evolve with them, although they know that their style is still mostly vintage and that with these groovy rhythms, they attract new followers who delve into the album to discover more. It is recommended for fans of Watain, Kreator, and Motorhead.

Listen to “Haunting Place” at the following links:

YouTube -​

Spotify -​

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