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ESFOLADOS: Punk Rock band launches its on the EP, "VELHA ESCOLA"

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Coming from the city of Piracicaba / SP - popularly known as “Terra da Pamonha” - the band ESFOLADOS was founded in early 2019, in order to rescue the Punk Rock root, with that classic and traditional sound that refers to the old guard of the style. The group's short trajectory has been very busy until then: in the same year of the formation, the debut EP, entitled “Cabeça Vazia”, was released, with a good repercussion in the local underground scene. However, soon after, the band went through some impactful changes in the line-up, which narrowly did not end their career prematurely.

After the storm, the group, restructured and in full force, proudly made available, in February 2022, their brand new studio work, the EP “Velha Escola“. Containing 7 themes, the record impresses with its vigor and strength, also bringing the special participation of Clemente Tadeu (Inocentes and Plebe Rude) in the opening track, and it will certainly please fans of the genre.

Listen to “Old School” on Spotify:


01 - Old School

02 - Couple 20

03 - Vacilão Punk

04 - Mermaid from Rio

05 - At that time

06 - Plantion Psychopath

07 - Worlds of the Dead

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