• Jason Hesley

ERDVE Shares Second New Single, "Sugretinimas"

Experimental Sludge outfit ERDVE will be releasing their new album 'Savigaila' via Season of Mist on July 23! The band is now revealing the second new single, "Sugretinimas," along with a music video, which was created entirely by the band! You can find the unnerving clip at THIS LOCATION. ERDVE comments: "The song name 'Sugretinimas' translates as 'Juxtaposition.' This song is about a tendency to juxtapose different points of view for the sole purpose of comparison while disregarding the actual result of an issue. The purpose of this video is to present different angles of the same subject and to raise the question whether the process of an argument of comparing is meaningful at all, if the result remains the same."

Pre-orders are now live HERE

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