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  • Jason Hesley

EPICA - 'We Still Take You With Us' & 'Live At Paradiso' out now!

The day has come for EPICA to finally release their Early Years Collector’s Editions “We Still Take You With Us”, including their first 3 albums, the rare ‘Live At Paradiso’ and their first official live recording at Netherland’s ‘Twee Meter Sessies’.

Order the early years collection “We Still Take You With Us” and “Live At Paradiso” here:

Tomorrow night, EPICA will perform a long sold-out show at the 013 in Tilburg featuring a huge stage production, special guests and some exclusive rare setlist choices to celebrate their 20th Anniversary and the release of these early years editions. For those in Tilburg, you can head down to experience the exclusive cinema premiere of ‘Live At Paradiso’ at Tilburg’s Pathé tonight. EPICA will also have a pop-up shop ahead of their show right next to Poppodium on Saturday between 12:00 and 17:00 to grab some of the freshly released boxset editions, signed copies or other rarities from the band’s personal archives!

For everyone not able to attend, you can watch a pro-shot stream of tomorrow’s live show with Epica and Sahara Dust at

Join us on one last trip down memory lane with this 4K remastered video for ‘Blank Infinity (Live At Paradiso)’ here:

Mark Jansen comments: “Blank Infinity is one of the songs from the ‘Consign To Oblivion’ album that we played a lot live during the early years. I sometimes miss the song in our set, but we have so much to choose from that nowadays it is impossible to integrate all of them!"

As well as the audio of ‘We Will Take You With Us’ finally being available on all streaming platforms today, the band has also launched all the videos from this release on their YouTube channel – check them out here:

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