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  • Jason Hesley

Epic Symphonic Metal OPERUS Release New Music Video "Lost" Off "Score of Nightmares"

Canadian epic symphonic metal band, Operus has a new music video for their single "Lost" off their latest album "Score of Nightmares" released through German label Pride & Joy Music during June 2020.

The vision behind the new video is that of a journey through an inner self-created metaphoric world of being lost along with the feeling of self-doubt and the inevitable anxiety of running out of time. The video's purpose is to demonstrate that we all need guidance and that although our time here isn’t infinite, what we do with our "sands of time" is the most important.

The visually stunning music video was filmed by Joe Lyko of Dark Moon Productions and features Bunny Noire in the role of the "Lost Girl", which can be viewed at the following link:

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