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  • Jason Hesley

Epic power/thrash project ELD VARG releases the ultimate version of the debut album!

After an extended hiatus from the original 2013 formation of the band, Eld Varg officially launched in 2021 with the release of ‘One Man Army’. This was the solo project of Ollie Noakes and draws inspiration from heavy metal giants the likes of Grand Magus, Amon Amarth, Ningen Isu and The Sword. Everything from writing, performance, producing, mixing through to mastering was complete by Ollie Noakes at his ‘Fort Noakes Studios’ in Scotland. Lyrically, Eld Varg are combative, triumphant and introspective, often rubbing shoulders with the gods with original and victorious tales.

In 2022, an acoustic version of the song Wastelands from One Man Army was released to raise money for Ukraine. A professionally recorded music video was released alongside this.

19th May 2023, a rerecorded, updated and significantly improved version of One Man Army was released, subtitled the ‘Reinforced Edition’. This saw each song rerecorded, highlighting the growth in musicianship, production, professionalism and overall presentation of Ollie and Eld Varg. This is final, and perfect version of One Man Army, with focus now being on Album 2, which is written and will begin recording through the second half of 2023.

Whilst Eld Varg operates as the sole project of Ollie Noakes, a live band has been formed. This sees Eld Varg as a power trio, with a live debut planned in July 2023.

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