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  • Jason Hesley

Epic Doom Crew MONASTERIUM Releasing 'Cold Are The Graves' June 10 on Nine Records!

Polish Epic Doom Crew MONASTERIUM will release their third album, Cold Are The Graves, on June 10 via Nine Records. A lyric video for album track "The Stigmatic" is available at: The vinyl LP version of Cold Are The Graves is set for September release. Cold Are The Graves follows 2019's acclaimed sophomore album Church of Bones, one that raised the bar even higher compared to the band's self-titled debut album. Cold Are The Graves includes eight heavy doom songs full of emotions, adventures, and epic myths. On offer are classic heavy doom riffs in the vein of 80s masters like Candlemass and Manilla Road. Track List: 1. The Stigmatic 2. Cimmeria 3. The Great Plague 4. Seven Swords Of Wayland 5. Remembered 6. The Siege 7. Necronomicon 8. Cold Are The Graves

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