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  • Jason Hesley

EOSPHORUS to release "From Fire Into Birth" on July 29th!

After almost 8 years of working on other projects and records, new material hassurfaced from Eosphorus! This new EP saw the beginning of it's creation shortlyafter the release of Winds of Apep but we just didn't have the time to complete ituntil now.

We think it will be worth the wait for those who wants to hear a moredeveloped, a more sinister Eosphorus.With this release we are sparking yet another rebirth of this band, with morematerial already on hold and waiting to take form it's only a matter of sorting outlogistics and time to have it manifest into something great. Still breathing, stillbrewing...

Eosphorus is a band from Stockholm, Sweden founded in 2006-2008 by Markus Svantesson(Bödel) on lead guitar and Oliver Spetse (ex-Bödel) on guitars and vocals.

While in the early years of the band, members have come and gone with only Oliver and Markus still remaining as original members and founders. The core line-up of Eosphorus was established when Joel Haegerström(Purified By Pain, Bödel) joined on bass guitar and Victor Parri(Desolator, Hadriel, Isole, Neuronaut, The Curse, Valkyrja) joined on drums in 2010. There have been no line-up changes since then. With their first album "We who've seen the darkness", which reminisces of Dissection, Watain, and older black metal with melodic passages, they set their sights on making the album in a way that best embodies the band, an album that would later be called "Winds of Apep”.

Released by WormholeDeath in 2014 it received critical acclaim by journalists and listeners alike for its melodic nature and shifting between fast and slow passages and variety in tracks.

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