ENTRY: Detriment Debut Album From Los Angeles Hardcore Punk Quartet Nears July Release!

The release of Los Angeles hardcore punk quartet ENTRY‘s debut album, Detriment, is rapidly approaching through Southern Lord. 

Detriment was recorded in Los Angeles by the band’s Sean Sakamoto and Christopher Dwyer, mixed by Christopher Dwyer, and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. The album is completed with photography by Katie Krulock and layout by Emma Maatman.

Stream ENTRY’s “Your Best Interest” and “Selective Empathy” at Bandcamp RIGHT HERE.

Southern Lord will release Detriment on vinyl and digital formats on July 17th. Digital preorders are available via Bandcamp and vinyl is shipping today via the label’s US webshop HERE and Euro webshop HERE.

Compact and ferocious, Detriment is a diverse album and a breath of fresh air in the genre. The debut showcases ENTRY‘s appreciation for different aspects of punk and hardcore, and their imaginative songwriting that is condensed into nine succinct musical statements of intent. As a collective, ENTRYfirmly believes in the power of punk and the uniting nature of music, and with Detriment, they reflect themselves and their community with integrity and authenticity. This caught the ears of Southern Lord label owner Greg Anderson, who remarks “The unhinged intensity of ENTRY‘s live performance at the last Power Of The Riff fest blew me away. They embody many of the characteristics of powerful underground music that I have been obsessed with since my youth!”

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