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  • Jason Hesley

Entheos “The Interior Wilderness (Drumcorps Remix)” Out Now!

ENTHEOS have just dropped a new single – the Drumcorps remix of song The Interior Wilderness, which was originally released on the band’s recent album Time Will Take Us All – Listen HERE!

The Interior Wilderness is a song about inner turmoil and choosing whether to overcome or succumb to a period of darkness in your life. Drumcorps’ style of remixing metal songs is one that provokes a feeling of existential dread and we thought that it would be the perfect way to emphasize what the lyrical content of the song conveys.” comments the band.

The remix comes after the release of the band’s 2023 full-length, Time Will Take Us All, which ENTHEOS is currently touring in support of alongside Unearth and labelmates Revocation.

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