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ENSLAVED - Postpone European tour to spring 2022, launch physical Pre-Order for 'Cinematic Tour'

Blackened avant-gardists Enslaved have launched into their 30th year with thunder and flames. Although their Utgard European Tour will now take place in spring 2022, with support coming from Intronaut, Obsidian Kingdom and Crown, the band are proud to announce four new live albums/DVDs. Out June 25th, the audio and visuals for these releases have been taken from their revered Cinematic Tour 2020, with physical pre-orders launching today.

Ivar Bjørnson commented,

"We are so stoked about how these Cinematic Tour releases turned out; the sound is great and the packaging is beautiful and unique like the shows themselves. The crown jewel for old vinyl collectors like ourselves has got to be the wooden box - handmade, numbered and named individually. That is simply... metal!"

Live Albums/DVDs

Enslaved will be releasing four new live albums/DVDs on June 25th, with audio and visuals taken from their highly revered digital performances in 2020.

The Rise of Ymir (Verftet Online Festival 2020)

Chronicles of the Northbound (Cinematic Tour 2020)

Below The Lights (Cinematic Tour 2020)

Utgard - The Journey Within (Cinematic Tour 2020)

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