• Jason Hesley


Enola is a quintet from Toulouse, born in 2012. Thomas (ex-Death Valley Club, ex-Cheval), Mitch (Vauban), Stef (Auriga), Arnaud (Auriga) and Jordi (Feed the Cat, My Own Private Alaska, Shape ) distill a chaotic hardcore mixed with oppressive atmospheres. After a few EPs (The light from below in 2014, Volutes in 2017), the group has forged a solid experience of the scene alongside confirmed bands such as Hypno5e, Presence of Soul, Storm [o], Ingrina, Guevnna or The Rodeo Idiot Engine.

At the end of 2019, Enola stabilizes his line-up. They recorded their first album Inner Ruins in late 2020, mastered by Thibault Chaumont of Deviant Lab (Birds in Row, Trepalium, Carpenter Brut, Mass Hysteria…).

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