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ENFORCER - announces new co-headliner!

Swedish heavy metal band ENFORCER have shared an important update concerning their Kings Of The Underground Tour 2022. Due to the pandemic, SKULL FIST were unfortunately forced to cancel their appearance. But instead of cancelling the entire project, ENFORCER are glad to inform their fans that all shows except Hannover will still go ahead, with the Canadians replaced by Belgian extreme heavy metallers EVIL INVADERS as co-headliners! They've just released their brand new and highly acclaimed album "Shattering Reflection" and are more than pumped to present their new show.

The tour now also features special guests COBRA SPELL, the new hard rock/heavy metal band from Sonia Anubis (ex-BURNING WITCHES/ex-CRYPTA) who are promoting their recently released 'Anthems of the Night' EP.

Joe, singer and guitarist of EVIL INVADERS says: ”What better way to promote our brand new record 'Shattering Reflection' than by hitting the road with a killer Heavy Metal tour package! We’re proud to announce that we’ll be blasting through Europe alongside the great ENFORCER and with special guests AMBUSH and COBRA SPELL! Be there!”

Sonia Anubis, guitarist of COBRA SPELL adds: "We are thrilled and excited to join this tour! Our fans can expect songs from our new EP ‘Anthems Of The Night’ and from ‘Love Venom’ as well, presented with the most energetic shows you can imagine. Let’s bring the 80’s back together - be there!"

Regarding the cancellation, Zach, singer and guitarist of SKULL FIST explains: "It's a drag that we can't do this tour. If a single thing went wrong on tour it would crush us financially even worse than we already are. I guess we will have to get there when we get there. I'm glad there is at least some gnarly bands to take our place and wild west that s***!"

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