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  • Jason Hesley

Enforced has released their third full-length, War Remains!

Today (April 28th), Enforced has released their third full-length, War Remains, via Century Media Records. For a preview of this record, the new video for the title track can be seen here

Vocalist Knox Colby states: "Inspired by the works of psychologist James Hillman and anthropologist Joseph Campbell, the song 'War Remains' stresses the complimentary nature of war alongside peace, rather than two opposing sides of a spectrum. War is ever present and forever constant.

"Meanwhile, the album 'War Remains' details the decay and breakdown of modern society, along with insight about the cyclical nature of decay and subsequent growth. Biting through at just over 30min, it's a caustic warning; cautioning you of those who seek to undermine you.

"We hope you enjoy the album as much as we did writing and recording it. Hope you pick up a copy, we'll see you at the gig, let's rock."

Purchase and stream War Remains in full here - where the album is available in the following versions:

--Standard CD jewel-case --Black vinyl --Blue vinyl available from USA retail (500 copies) & CM Distro Wholesale EU and (300 copies) --White vinyl available from EMP (150 copies) & Nuclear Blast (150 copies) --Red vinyl available from Enforced (limited to 300 copies) --Digital album

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