• Jason Hesley

Enforce release the video for "Metal United"

Enforce are a 4-piece metal outfit from Perth in Western Australia that play a wide song selection

That caters to a wider metal, and even non-metal, audience.

EnforcE “Deep Blue” 2021 are:

Shaun Neill – Bass

Paul Easson – Lead Guitar/ Vocals

Daymz Pettit – Percussion

Guy Bell – vocals/ Rhythm guitar

Since forming, Enforce has supported on tour, Destroyer666 (2004),

The Berzerker (2004), pungent stench (2005), Behemoth (2006),

Obituary (2007), Kreator (2009) in Western Australia,

As well as their first national tour supporting Cryptopsy in 2006 international slot on Rock in solo festival in Indonesia 2011, not to forget local and National bands in Australia.

Founded in 1997 Enforce has 5 releases since its inception;

The demo "Premonition" in (1998), and LP's Campfire Night (2000),

Message of Death (2004), Biblakill (2011), Deep Blue (2021).

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