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  • Jason Hesley

Enemynside present Medusa - XX Legacy Edition!

Italians Enemynside celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first album Let The Madness Begin... with Medusa - XX Legacy Edition, their new EP. We find ourselves before the re-recording of four songs from that album, but now hitting with all the acquired experience and, of course, with that energetic and personal thrash metal as indebted to the old school as to the new one.

On the technical side we find drums recorded at Kick Recording Studio in Rome, and without leaving the transalpine capital, with guitars, bass and vocals recorded at Temple Of Gravity, where Fran Cremisi (guitars, vocals) has also mixed the work. Finally, Neil Haynes mastered Medusa - XX Legacy Edition at The Parlour Recording Studios in the UK, while the cover artwork was done by Dave E. Dee. A great team to make these tracks shine with renewed power!

Active since 1994 as Scapegoat and already in 1999 changing their name to Enemynside, this band is seasoned in a thousand battles. In 2009 they toured Scandinavia with Blaze Bayley, in 2012 they debuted in the USA, or more recently they could be seen with Necrodeath, Destruction, Behemoth, Angelus Apatrida or Flotsam And Jetsam in Germany, Belgium, France, Romania, Spain, or of course Italy.

With Medusa - XX Legacy Edition, Enemynside are looking back to continue with the same strength and enthusiasm for all the years to come. They are always up to something better than the last!

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