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  • Jason Hesley

Endrah emerges as a trio and launches a brutal new music video for "Madness" like a preview of the upcoming album!

São Paulo-based hardcore/death metal band Endrah is entering a new, more aggressive and technical phase with the departure of American vocalist Ryan 'Relentless', establishing themselves as a fully Brazilian trio. The current line-up, consisting of César 'Covero' (guitar/vocals), Adriano 'Kardec' Vilela (bass/vocals) and Bruno Santin (drums), promises an even more brutal, violent and visceral sound for their new album, already titled "Bloodshed and Violence"

The music video for "Madness", the first glimpse of this new era, has been released exclusively on the Hardcore Worldwide YouTube channel, one of the largest channels for heavy and aggressive music in the world. Check it out at:

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