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  • Jason Hesley

Ember Belladonna to release "The Grove" on February 9th!

Solo artist EMBER BELLADONNA presents a haunting and enchanting offering in her forthcoming debut album The Grove. Releasing on February 9th, 2024, EMBER BELLADONNA opens the gates to a world of fantasy and wonder through bewitching melodies, thundering metal, and an array of special guests. 


"My goal with my music and with this album is to make the flute the lead within a genre it’s not always heard in. To surprise people with the way this instrument can sound, and how it can fit into metal music in ways you don’t expect. You will hear what sounds like more ‘traditional’ flute playing as well as a much edgier sound throughout the album In certain tracks I use a type of flute called the glissando flute paired with a guitar pedal to give it a completely new sound."

Including James Delbridge from LYCANTHRO, "Ruination" specifically calls out our relationship to the natural world. Nature in itself is beautiful and magical, but isn’t always respected. This song aims to show two sides of this: loving nature and admiring its beauty, and showing horror in the way nature is being destroyed. The album's title track sees BELLADONNA joined by THE DARKEYED MUSICIAN and encompasses the theme of the album; setting the mood for the power, magic and stories The Grove has seen throughout its existence. Featuring THE INFERNO DOLL, "Spirit Woman" sees magical flute melodies and serene vocal lines entwine with fierce harsh vocals and heavily distorted rhythms. Inspired by the Irish legend of the Dearg-Due, this dark story tells the tale of a woman who was wronged by men in life. After her death she rises from the grave and hunts the people who wronged her and drains their blood. 

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