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  • Jason Hesley

ELVENKING release video for "Bride Of Night"

April 28, 2023 will see the masters of heavy metal, pagan, folk and melodic death metal, Elvenking, return to fantasy with their epic, new album “Reader Of The Runes – Rapture”, through AFM Records! The band's eleventh studio album marks the sequel to their 2019 magnum opus “Reader of the Runes – Divination”.

Following previously-released album singles, "Rapture" and the epic anthem "The Hanging Tree", today, Elvenking have premiered a music video for "Bride Of Night", featuring former DRACONIAN vocalist Heike Langhans! Says the band:

"We are proud to present our new song and video "Bride of Night". It surely represents the more melodic side of our sound, yet dark and melancholic. We know that a lot of our fans love this side of Elvenking, so this is also a gift to you. “Reader of the Runes – Rapture” will collect all of the shades of our sound from the more aggressive ever, to songs like Bride of Night so, by listening to the entire album you will travel through a multitude of nuances and atmospheres - we cannot wait for you to hear it in all its epicness!

Heike Langhans offered her beautiful voice in the chorus backing Damna vocals. The amazing video is once again directed by Matteo Ermeti who did with us "Silverseal" and he couldn't better envision the story – a glimpse of painful romance that captures one of the chapters of the story."

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