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  • Jason Hesley

ELLENDE To Release Re-Recorded Album, 'Todbringerin',On Aug 30th Via AOP Records!

Austrian black metal project ELLENDE has announced plans to release a re-recorded version of the band's 2nd album, 'Todbringer', on August 30th with AOP Records. The record was originally released on CD only in 2016 and the masters were tragically lost sometime thereafter. Highly sought after for years by fans, ELLENDE has painstakingly reimagined the album and artwork and will make it available on all formats for the first time ever as their 5th album titled 'Todbringerin'.

Sole member and multi-instrumentalist L.G. states:

"We are proud and excited Ellende's fifth full length album will be released at the end of August this year. Some of you may recognize this long awaited album to be re-released again. Because the license of the old record is not completely ours, and additionally, all recordings were deleted by the former recording studio, this is the only way that this album can be released again as a full re-recorded, reinterpretation with the help of Klangschmiede Studio E in 2023-2024. In our opinion, this record hits the nail on the head. Packed with recent vitality and executed with refined abilities while also staying true to the atmosphere and devastation created in 2016. But decide for yourself then.“

Today, ELLENDE offer a taste of the record with the release of its first single "Verachtung."

Pre-Order 'Todbringerin':

AOP Records lim.99 vinyl (EU-Shop)

Ellende lim.99 vinyl

Napalm Records lim.99 vinyl

AOP Records (US-Shop)

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