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  • Jason Hesley

Eldritch releases second video 'Black Bedlam'

Eldritch has released a video for 'Black Bedlam', third single taken from the new album 'Innervoid' to be released on November 17th through Scarlet Records.

Recorded and produced by Eugene Simone and Eldritch at ES Studio and Magnitudo Studio; mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio; masterfully illustrated by Federico Mondelli; 'Innervoid' will be released in the following formats:

-digipack CD


Eldritch are back with the talented new frontman Alex Jarusso, ready to broaden the sonic spectrum of the band and impress old & new fans.

'Innervoid' strikes hard with both relentless sonic aggression and a truly emotional charge: a perfect mix of devastating guitar riffs and rhythm section and melancholic melodic openings, with a certain dark mood.

The very interpersonal lyrics, in which the human soul is speaking freely, are perfectly in line with the complex and captivating music of the seasoned tech-prog metal merchants.

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