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  • Jason Hesley


Prosthetic Records is excited to announce the signing of Californian grindcore quartet ELDER DEVIL. Composed of members of Hellish Form, Cabin Fire, Amenthes and more, ELDER DEVIL’s signing follows a string of EP releases and their 2019 full length, The Light Dimmed Eternal. Accompanying the announcement the band have shared a full set live performance from Chinatown, with the audio being available as pay what you want via ELDER DEVIL's Bandcamp page on Friday (November 5).

On signing with Prosthetic, ELDER DEVIL says: "It's both exciting and humbling to be working with a label as prolific as Prosthetic. It's an honor to be among the great bands and alumni from the label's past and present. We really can't wait for people to hear the songs for our upcoming Prosthetic full length debut." In the fall of 2016, Jacob Lee (Hellish Form, PlasticBag FaceMask) and Stephen Muir (Cabin Fire) wanted to form a bleak and abrasive grindcore band with sludge and black metal influences. Inspired by acts such as Trap Them, The Secret, and Rotten Sound, Jacob and Stephen formed ELDER DEVILas a DIY studio project with Stephen providing vocals and lyrics while Jacob handled music and production. They released their first EP, Graves Among the Roots (Medusa Crush Recordings), in 2017 and followed up with the full length, The Light Dimmed Eternal (Crownand Throne Ltd./Roman Numeral Records), in 2019. Shortly after, ELDER DEVILbegan playing as a full band with good friends Ryan Urquidez (dontcryformeimalreadydead, Cabin Fire) on bass and Pete Ruacho (Amenthes, Nani SS) on drums. Their 2021 EP, Fragments of Hell (PlasticSkull Records/SludgeLord Records), marked their firstrelease as a full lineup.

After cancelling nearly all of their shows from March 2020 through 2021 due to the pandemic, including an 11-day West Coast tour, ELDER DEVILdecided to film a live performance to showcase the full lineup playing songs from every release. Performed in their practice space, filmed by long-time cameraman and friend, Steven Thomas, and recorded and mixed by Jacob, Live in Chinatown serves as a love letter to the Fresno scene and to those who have supported the band over the years.

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