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EDGE OF SANITY Launch digital single and video for “Black Tears (Remaster 2024)”; First chapter of catalogue re-issue campaign out next week!

Century Media Records and InsideOutMusic have recently announced the upcoming “First Chapter” of a comprehensive catalogue re-issue campaign for legendary and groundbreaking Death Metallers EDGE OF SANITY as well as versatile Prog/Hardrock outfit NIGHTINGALE, who were both fronted by Swedish vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and acclaimed metal producer Dan Swanö (Opeth, Katatonia, Dissection, etc.).

Long out of print, never previously available in certain formats or in any properly re-worked re-issue version, as well as enhanced by tons of exciting extra-material, these definitive re-issues come efficiently all re-mastered by Swanö himself and partly even shine in a new light via additional remix efforts as bonus.

The following re-issues will kick off the “First Chapter” of the re-issue campaign on June 21st, 2024:

EDGE OF SANITY – “Purgatory Afterglow (Re-issue)”

EDGE OF SANITY – “Until Eternity Ends - EP (Re-issue)”

NIGHTINGALE – “Nightfall Overture (Re-issue)”

In order to support the start of the re-issue campaign as well as to showcase the new treatment given to some of the material, you can now also check out the EDGE OF SANITY digital single and video clip for EDGE OF SANITY’s “Black Tears (Remaster 2024)”, taken from the upcoming “Purgatory Afterglow” re-issue, on all DSP’s as well as in a relaunched video clip here:

Dan Swanö checked in with the following comment about “Black Tears”: “What kind of album "Purgatory Afterglow" should be took many turns and at one point it was gonna be an "all growls and back to the roots pure metal album". So it's quite strange that this track ended up on it in the end, and that it then even became the biggest "hit single" Edge Of Sanity ever had. There's zero Death Metal going on here, but I still love it and always had a blast playing it live with both Edge Of Sanity and Nightingale”.

A cover version of the track “Black Tears” made popular by EDGE OF SANITY’s CMR labelmates Heaven Shall Burn can also be checked out here:

And the previously launched EDGE OF SANITY single “Twilight (Remix 2024)”, taken from the 2CD and Digital Album format from the upcoming “Purgatory Afterglow” re-issue, is also available on all DSP’s as well as in a brand-new video clip created by Costin Chioreanu / Twilight13Media here:

And as part of the “Death Metal” streaming playlist on Spotify here:

Dan Swanö - who has not only had a long tradition of co-operating with mix/mastering roles for many CMR artists like Asphyx, Skeletal Remains or Insomnium, but also last became musically active in Metal with the band Witherscape via CMR (Two albums and a mini album between 2013 and 2016) and also released his latest Nightingale album “Retribution” in 2014 on the IOM label – had checked in with the following comment about the re-issue campaign:

“It’s hard to describe in words exactly how excited we all are about these re-issues for both Edge Of Sanity and Nightingale. It’s incredible that these albums are finally available again, with the attention to detail they always deserved and with a label like Century Media Records / InsideOutMusic behind us, we know that these releases will turn out amazing in the end and not be so hard to get a hold of like they used to be, and hopefully reach a new audience as well as the old!

Personally, I always hoped that there would come a time when I could revisit all these albums and have the time and budget to remaster or even remix them and be able to present them the way I wish they had sounded all along.

A lot of time, work and money have been put into making sure we have the best possible version of the original artwork to work with, and we searched everywhere for photographs and memorabilia. Endless hours have been spent talking and writing about these albums, resulting in super detailed liner notes for the Deluxe CD edition. Also, the lyrics have been double and tripled check, and it was quite amusing to see just how wrong most of them were both in the original booklets and online. The lyrics are in the booklets and on the inner sleeve of every re-issue!

I wholeheartedly hope you appreciate these new, improved and definitive versions of the entire Edge Of Sanity and Nightingale back catalogues!”

The “First Chapter” of the re-issue campaign will cover the following all-remastered releases and formats in June/August:

EDGE OF SANITY – “Purgatory Afterglow (Re-issue)”

Out June 21st, 2024 (CMR)

- Ltd. Deluxe 2CD Jewelcase in O-Card (Incl. “Until Eternity Ends” EP songs and remix of all songs on bonus disc)

- Black LP (180g vinyl, unlimited)

- Ltd. transp. red LP (180g vinyl, limited to 500x copies, available from & various other retailers)

- Ltd. transp. sun yellow LP (180g vinyl, limited to 300x copies, available from

- Digital Album / Remaster 2024

- Digital Album / Remix 2024

Note: The seminal 4th album, originally released in 1994, now celebrating its 30th Anniversary.

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