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  • Jason Hesley

EDGE OF HAZE Out Tomorrow!

Finnish progressive metal band EDGE OF HAZE will release their new thought provoking album The Convoy of Ruin on November 1, 2022.The album was mastered by Swedish audio guru Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios.

After a decade of existence the band has previously created two full-lengths of limitless heavy music and their name is a nudge to that – operating at undefined borders. Their style is described as ’cinematic’ due to the band’s meandering and colossal arrangements with symphonic instruments. Recently EDGE OF HAZE has supported SWALLOW THE SUN and EVERGREY on their Finnish tour dates as well as played festivals such as Tuska and Euroblast, so the band is definitely on the rise.

The Convoy of Ruin tells a story about humanity’s journey towards destruction by violence, exploitation and global warming. The big dynamic variety in the tracks leads the listener through an interesting musical journey. The band uses their full scale creating their heaviest and most subtle music in the progress.

The album will be released exclusively on Bandcamp

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