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  • Jason Hesley

EAVE Share New Track - "Into Perdition"

Atmospheric post-black metal band EAVE has released the newest single off their upcoming full-length album, Fervor.

"Into Perdition," finds EAVE traveling further into emotive passages and a heavier expression, perfectly demonstrating the complexity and power contained on the band's 3rd full-length album.

The exclusive global premiere of "Into Perdition" can be seen above.

With Fervor, EAVE offers seven new songs that show a more aggressive march across the bleak, depressive soundscape the band created on 2020's Phantoms Made Permanent.

Bindrune Records will release Fervor on July 28. Pre-order the album at


1) Past Pulses

2) Chance is a Spectre

3) Mirroring

4) Stale Ash

5) Bending the Light

6) Shards

7) Into Perdition

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