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  • Jason Hesley

Dystopia AD (Death metal) Stream New Album 'Doomsday Psalm'

Death metal band DYSTOPIA A.D. are streaming the entirety of their album Doomsday Psalm via Decibel Magazine. The album will be released on December 2, 2022.

The band comments " 'Doomsday Psalm' embodies everything that we love about metal and its varied subgenres. It's really a spiritual successor to our 2020 release 'Rise of the Merciless' - we took everything that we thought worked well on the last record and magnified it. As a listener, you might love Doomsday Psalm, or you might hate it, and that's OK - but we promise you won't be bored!"

Progressive death metal act DYSTOPIA A.D. return with their brutal new album Doomsday Psalm. Manifesting a demonic sound, DYSTOPIA A.D. deliver fantastical storytelling alongside cautionary allegories of uniting for the sake of survival, the climate crisis, and regret of having only labored and not truly lived.

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