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  • Jason Hesley

DYING LIGHT Announce New Album 'Shallow Grave'

New Jersey based melodic metal outfit DYING LIGHT will be releasing their new album, Shallow Grave, on January 20, 2023. A dynamic mix of heavy styles and pulling from the despair of everyday life, Shallow Grave is a dark progression in the band’s sound.

As society continues to collapse as a whole, and the individual is both lost and altogether consumed by itself, DYING LIGHT is truly the apt name for the future as the light truly and slowly dies. Exploring themes of mental illness, addiction, the innate violence of humanity, toxic love, and despair their upcoming album, Shallow Grave, shows us that we may try to bury our darkness, but it is never far below the surface.

Progress for progress’ sake and the constant searching for comfort in a world that is inherently uncomfortable, DYING LIGHT traverses the larger questions of the human condition and the modern society that has shaped it. Opening with the title track, “Shallow Grave” sets the tone for the album with harrowing vocals and a captivating rhythm. The ballad “Refined Madness” brings a moment of sombre reflection, while “Fall Away” pulls us deeper into the melancholy.

Originally recorded as a demo, Shallow Grave was re-recorded and given new life by Rival Sound Studio; engineered by Charlie Berezansky. The album explores the darkest emotions of the modern human mind, while drawing inspirations from the 80s and 90s scenes, highlighting the diversity of creativity that DYING LIGHT offers. Intricate guitar leads and dark, dissonant lyrics, Shallow Grave is the new soundtrack for a hopeless world.

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