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  • Jason Hesley

Dutch Metal Band THE KING'S HEAD Drop New Single "Break The Frame"

Dutch Metal quintet THE KING'S HEAD is back with the fantastic new single "Break The Frame" after releasing the debut self-titled album back in 2020. The single includes one original track, "Break the Frame," as well as a cover of "Dam That River" by Alice In Chains.

BREAK THE FRAME Our new one. Recorded in the legendary Studio 195 on the Dutch/Belgian border by Patrick Delabie. How many studios are still around where a computer screen is nowhere to be found in the entire building? Well at least one. Back to our roots. Old school and unpolished. Musically it continues where we left it off on our debut album. A mix of rock and metal with a slight progressive twist. Lyrically. It's open for your own interpretation. If you listen closely to Pim, the one that sounds like a hurricane flattening a skyscraper, it seems that he's apparently picked up an interest in the nautical world.

DAM THAT RIVER ( Alice in Chains) It won't be a huge surprise when listening to the average TKH song, if I tell you we grew up in the 90's. Some of our musical eyes were opened by Nirvana and the likes, while the others where fully emerged in the metal and indie scene of those days. But there was one band that was on all of our minds and walls in those days and that band is called Alice In Chains. We chose the second song on their second album DIRT to pay our dues and homage to this giant source of inspiration. Without this song blasting on repeat in my teenage room, I truly doubt that I would've been typing these words today.

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