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  • Jason Hesley

Dutch Groove/Metal power trio HEE HEE SHAMONE debut EP '4 Good Reasons 2 Punch U In The Face'

With due anger we present: Hee Hee Shamone! From the makers of blockbusters such as Shinigami, Grasmoajer, Silicon Head, Pleurisy and Doghouse Gallows. These men are the top furniture at the Leen Bakker of Utrecht Metal and Hardcore. For decades these three in various guises have dominated the rambling streets of their hometown. Now they appear in their latest incarnation.

Although his life skills were not quite developed, Michael Jackson saw one thing right, namely: Hee Hee Shamone. That's what it sounds like when the King of Pop turns over in his grave and slaps you in the face. Plus that's what the band looks like, well at least a bit. Sustainability dusty? Think again! Matured riffs lay the foundation for current frustrations about life, the universe and annoying people in general.

Hee Hee Shamone is, of course, fully electric. Remarkably funky at times, but luckily a beating is never far away.

Heal the world, make it a badder place.

Hee Hee!


The debut EP '4 Good Reasons 2 Punch U in the Face'

(ignore it and we'll have 5) of this power trio drops on

January 13th, 2023!

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