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  • Jason Hesley

Dutch Black Metal entity SCHAVOT premiere second single "Onmens"

'Kronieken uit de nevel' (chronicles from the fog) is the second full-length by Dutch Black Metal entity Schavot. The eight tracks of Melodic Black Metal are recorded by multi-instrumentalist Floris who's wellspring contains a brew of second wave of Black Metal bands, like Emperor, Satyricon and Ulver. Schavot plays fast black metal with bruising drums, varied vocals and melodic guitars, obscured with a cloak of freezing synths.


Schavot (scaffold) is a Black Metal project from The Netherlands, founded by Floris in 2021. This multi-instrumentalist has been active since the late 90's in various black metal bands such as Sagenland, Meslamtaea and Asgrauw. The need arose to make the music from the Scandinavian 2nd wave, and inspired by bands like Emperor, Obtained Enslavement, Ancient and the first two Dimmu Borgir albums, 'Galgenbrok' was recorded in 2021. Floris took care of all the instruments and the vocals and did the production himself. After the debut album was well received, he continued to record new material and this led to the second album 'Kronieken uit de nevel'. For the lyrics, Floris draws inspiration from the rich Dutch history and folktales of otherworldly creatures.

Schavot is part of “Zwotte Kring”.

1. Onmens (4:12)

2. Geestenrijk (4:27)

3. Heksenwaan (4:21)

4. Hijs de zeilen (5:10)

5. Zwart water (4:47)

6. Kerberos (3:40)

7. Niet alleen de avond valt (6:04)

8. De laatste dans gedanst (5:21)

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