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  • Jason Hesley

Dutch black/funeral doom metal entity LOCUS AMOENUS announces new EP!

At present, Dutch black/funeral doom metal entity LOCUS AMOENUS 

is proud to announce its new EP 'T GLOEM HEIL 

A release date is set for DECEMBER 22nd, 2023 and comes in the following formats:



Locus Amoenus started in 2015 as a studio duo between Carchost and Misaer, producing a cold and indistinct, atmospherically blackened form of Doom Metal. Slow, majestic, and compellingly emotional, their bleakness should appeal to anyone who enjoys their Black Metal taken down to more stately tempos. Nowadays, Misaer has been the leading entity behind Locus Amoenus, which gradually turned into a Black Funeral Doom Metal project.


‘t Gloem Heil is a bleak listen. It’s the constant feeling of misery lurking in places it should not be, resulting in the inevitable act of surrendering to your personal “worgengel” (angel of death). The EP contains two new tracks accompanied with one live track recorded at Dutch Doom Days, 2016.

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