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  • Jason Hesley

Dusktone presents PERISHED and ENTHRAL reissues!

PERISHED "Seid / ENTHRAL “Subterranean Movements” RELEASE DATE: JUNE 30TH 2023.

Since 2010 Dusktone has been involved in publishing artists from the Italian and international death, black metal and funeral doom scene. In recent years Dusktone has also helped rediscover records with a distinctive historical value. June 30th will be the time for two new hard-to-find norwegian albums reissues, Perished "Seid" (2003) and Enthral "Subterranean Movement" (2003).

"PERISHED - Seid" Norwegians, creators of two albums, the sophomore "Seid" is a concentrate of black metal violence but also of cured and epic melody in the style of what Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved and Emperor did: Perished with "Seid" perfectly embodied the characteristics of the Nordic sound that was all the rage during the 1990s. Originally released on Displeased in 2003, out of print for a decade. This album will be available on both CD and 12" LP Vinyl "ENTHRAL- Subterranean Movement" From Norway, they came to attention with their debut "Prophecies Of The Dying" released on Hot Records (Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child). "Subterranean Movement" is their third album, a more complex and ambitious work that showed the band's willingness to move from classically black metal territories. "Subterranean Movement" is a peculiar record, perhaps too far ahead of its time, reminiscent of the artistic vein of early Covenant. Released by Displeased in 2003 and long out of print, This album will be available in CD / Digital Audio and Info :

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