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  • Jason Hesley

Dungeon Crawl & Throne of Iron release "The Side Quest" split album!

Wise Blood Records presents a split album of Dungeons & Dragons inspired metal from DUNGEON CRAWL and THRONE OF IRON entitled The Side Quest. These heavy metal allies combine forces with a thrilling campaign packed with monster-slaying riffs across 7 new tracks.

THRONE OF IRON ride from the flatlands of Indiana and put the RAD in Trad Metal. Their songs are rife with high adventure and riffs of steel. Fans of MANILLA ROAD, ETERNAL CHAMPION, and CIRITH UNGOL will declare obeisance to these heavy metal rogues.

DUNGEON CRAWL hail from the San Francisco bay and turned heads with their Roll For Your Life record released last Halloween. They are fueled by the malevolent specters of west coast thrash's golden age with a snarling melodeath edge.

The Side Quest releases December 16th on Vinyl and CD from Wise Blood Records.

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