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Drumming In BC Rockies - Param-Nesia Drummer Showcases New Playthrough!

Vancouver’s Param-Nesia unleashed their new EP “Aspect of Creation” upon the world earlier this June. The five-track EP is groovy and captivating with each song flowing from one to the next. Compared to the first EP “The Beginning” (2019), this new offering is a big step up in production and quality and will definitely get listeners rowdy. Meshing melody and brutality, they tell wild tales intended to take the listener on a journey. The band explains in more detail:

“It is more focused and balanced in its direction. The overall sound isn’t one specific thing. Some songs have a more melodic, triumphant vibe, while others are more somber, slower groove. But that’s the fun part, each one is a testament to the moment it was conceived, and a reflection of the evolving musical inspirations of each band member at that time.”

One of the lead singles off “Aspect of Creation” is the track “Forsaken” and today, drummer Derek Hill is showcasing his pounding fury with his latest playthrough along with British Columbia's monstrous Rockies as the backdrop. "This playthrough was filmed off the Squamish Valley Logging Road, in Squamish, BC. I had this location in my mind for a long time because I spend a lot of time in Squamish Kiteboarding around all the glacier mountains. I've always wanted to play drums in a place where I felt very connected with nature, so I told my friend and videographer Darren Potts, along with longtime friend and bandmate Matt Burnham about the plan and they helped turn it into reality." adds Hill. The drum playthrough for “Forsaken” can be viewed via TheCirclePit's YouTube channel -

The five tracks on the “Aspect of Creation” cross subgenre boundaries making this brutal assault of tech death and melody applicable for most metalheads, especially fans of Revocation, The Black Dahlia Murder, Arch Enemy, Allegaeon, and At the Gates.

“Aspect of Creation” is available on, Spotify Music Video “Pestilence of Man” -

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