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  • Jason Hesley

Drink Deep Power Thrash Enlightenment With “Astral Elixir” From Canada’s Ravenous!

Calgary, Canada’s Ravenous have a new album “Hubris” coming out this year and the second single “Astral Elixir” is now being served up with a music video via its premiere on MetalInsider HERE.

The single combines the spiritual experience of psychedelic rock with the changing musical patterns of prog metal at thrashing top speeds, a relentless power-thrash workout designed to be slick but rhythmically exhausting. The song breaks into a multifaceted and technical bridge that leads into an explosive shred section before a triumphant singalong ending. Ravenous explain the track further:

“Astral Elixir'' was the first song that Jake wrote specifically for the “Hubris” album. It was a dedicated effort to move Ravenous towards a more technical direction while maintaining the genre-blending influences of power, thrash, and speed metal. The title of “Astral Elixir” is a homage to some of Jake’s favourite songs: Astral Body (Between the Buried and Me) and Celestial Elixir (Haken), and the choice to make the lyrics spacey and psychedelic with themes of astral projection and ego death was a deliberate juxtaposition to the shreddy, dense music. Take a sip of the Astral Elixir and get lost in the soaring vocals, machine-gun drumming, and bombastic sweep arpeggios”

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