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DREAMS OF GRAY Share New Single, "A Beginning"

Chicago-based, one-man melodic death/doom band DREAMS OF GRAY has launched a brand new song, titled "A Beginning." The single comes on the heels of the 2023 EP, The World After.

The exclusive world premiere of "A Beginning" comes via Stream the song now at this location.

"A Beginning" will be available on streaming platforms on March 1. The song was mixed and mastered by Josh Middleton (SYLOSIS).

Order The World After at The EP is streaming on Spotify.

DREAMS OF GRAY is Luis Rivera (Vocals/Guitars). The band began a bit by accident, at first it was a way of putting together ideas during a time when Rivera was unable to actively perform and record music. When Rivera was ready to record in 2022, he enlisted the help of friends and guest musicians to play drums and bass to bring his vision to life.


Luis Rivera is also the vocalist/Guitarist for the Chicago area band Abolisher. Abolisher has been inactive over the last decade but is planning a new album soon. Abolisher was active in the Chicago area recording and gigging from 1995-2007 and received many positive reviews including in Metal Maniacs and Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles. Abolisher is where Rivera initially honed his skills as a vocalist and guitarist. Years later in Dreams of Gray, he continues to grow as a musician and songwriter.


DREAMS OF GRAY seeks to express Rivera’s musical ideas at this point in time. The music draws from many influences. It can best be described as a blend of melodic thrash, death, and doom as well as traditional heavy metal. Each song has a unique flavor but also has a signature sound. They are both heavy and memorable with many creative ideas woven in between. The lyrical content is deeply personal and deals with contemporary issues as well as grief, loss, and acceptance. This first EP The World After released in 2023 was met with significant critical acclaim receiving many positive reviews in multiple US and European publications. The song “A Beginning” is the self-titled first single from the follow-up EP slated for release in mid-2024.

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