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  • Jason Hesley

DREAMS IN PERIL Challenge You To Rise Above Your Struggles w/ Music Video “Ascending”

Kansas City’s Dreams in Peril have a new single out just as they embark on a tour across the Midwest with Pig Weed. This tour will take them through seven states over nine days, and each one will be a display of passion, precision, and musicianship. The new single “Ascending” shows considerable growth since their debut album release in 2019 and it is a reminder to them and fans alike that despite the trials and tribulations one goes through in life, the mission is to ultimately overcome, or ascend.

They provide their thoughts on the single:

“Ascending is about us as a band continuing to strive for more and pushing to bigger heights. We look to expand as a band, where in past bands, we didn’t. Reaching for your goals and meeting them. That's what this song and album are about!”

Dreams In Peril takes relevant and relatable themes involving anger, sadness, death, and other life problems and sets them to brutal tones, breakdowns, and grind. Their music influences the words that are written but they always come back to real experiences.

Since their last album “Mephobia” released in 2019, they have matured and grown together as musicians. As they have gotten more comfortable with each other, both personally and musically, their sound has gotten tighter and more dynamic and flows together better. The next chapter, the upcoming album, will no doubt be miles ahead of the last.

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