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  • Jason Hesley

DRAWN AND QUARTERED: Death metal stalwarts debut “Carnage Atrocity”

Long-serving Seattle death metal troop Drawn and Quartered drops the 2nd single, “Carnage Atrocity,” from the impending 08th LP, Congregation Pestilence. The track got its premiere via Decibel Magazine (HEAR + READ full feature AT THIS LOCATION). Congregation Pestilence is due for release on July 02nd via Krucyator Productions on vinyl, CD, and digital formats.

Remarks Herb Burke, the band’s vocalist and bassist:

“With jagged slashing and frenzied disembowelment, ‘Carnage Atrocity,’ is a neck-snapping orgy of violence that will sear itself upon the mind; a traditional tale of graphic gore from the birth of serial killing, its end vanishing into the mists of the unknown.”

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