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  • Jason Hesley

DRAGONLAND release single "Flight From Destruction"

More than ten years without a new studio album could be reason enough for a band to fall into oblivion, unless of course they left a lasting impression on their fans before their hiatus. In case of Swedish melodic metal masters DRAGONLAND, who have inspired their extensive following repeatedly since the release of their debut The Battle Of The Ivory Plainsin 2001, the anticipation of new material has continued to grow from year to year since their 2011 release Under The Grey Banner. Finally, DRAGONLAND returns to the heavy music scene, with their brand new, colossal album The Power Of The Nightstar, which is slated for a release on October 14, 2022 via AFM Records!

Following the previously-released, first single and album title track, now, DRAGONLANDshared a music video for a new song, "Flight From Destruction", showcasing the album’s amazing range of wonderfully haunting, fast-paced melodic metal the band is known and loved for!

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