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  • Jason Hesley

DRAGONLAND drop video for "The Power Of The Nightstar"

More than ten years without a new studio album could be reason enough for a band to fall into oblivion, unless of course they left a lasting impression on their fans before their hiatus. In case of Swedish melodic metal act DRAGONLAND, who have inspired their extensive following repeatedly since the release of their debut The Battle Of The Ivory Plains (2001), the anticipation of new material has continued to grow from year to year since their 2011 release Under The Grey Banner. Now, DRAGONLAND returns to the heavy music scene, with their brand new, colossal single ‘The Power of the Nightstar‘!

The song impressively illustrates, why DRAGONLAND still belongs to one of the most energetic and passionate bands of their genre, unleashing epic, fast-paced power metal with gripping melodies! ‘The Power of the Nightstar‘ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen at renowned Hansen Studios, and sees the band continue as the line-up consisting of keyboardist Elias Holmlid, bassist Anders Hammer, vocalist Jonas Heidgert and guitarists Olof Mörck and Jesse Lindskog, complemented by drummer Johan Nunez (Firewind, ex-Nightrage), who joined DRAGONLAND in 2014.

“We’re thrilled to finally unveil a small part of our forthcoming album," the band reveals. "This explosive track is a centerpiece of the story line and presents a turning point for our protagonists whose new found hope is expressed in the uplifting chorus."

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