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  • Jason Hesley

DRAGONBREED: Debut in spring on MDD Records!

The history of the melodic death metal flagships Graveworm and Suidakra has always been closely connected. They started out on the same label, toured together and developed deep friendships that last until today.

During the songwriting for the current Suidakra album, several ideas came up that didn't really fit Suidakra, but with their raw sound, groove and melodies they brought back memories of the old times at the beginning of the nineties and demanded to be released. So Arkadius knocked on some old companions' doors and he and Zachi (the former Suidakra bassist) were joined by Graveworm singer Stefano Fiori. Completing the line-up are current Suidakra members Sebastian and Ken and Dragonbreed was born! The debut album of this collaboration will be released in spring of next year. Be prepared! More info coming soon.

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